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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Jan 27, 2021

How am I organizing my workload and managing goals and objectives this year? That's the topic of today's episode, and I'm going to describe two practices I've adopted that are working well for me when it comes to planning and productivity.

If you've struggled in the past with implementing complicated goal-setting...

Jan 14, 2021

It's past time for the year in review episode... and it's also been a whole year since I published anything at all on this podcast.

The explanation is simple: 2020. Practically nothing more needs to be said, right?

I know a few listeners have written in and said you've missed the Entrepreneurs in Motion podcast, and...

Dec 27, 2019

It's the final episode of the year... time to look back, reflect and report on how it went! Today I'll share five things that went well, three things that didn't, and what my theme for the year was.

Links and comments:

Dec 13, 2019

I decided to do a simple Black Friday promo, and today I'll be sharing exactly what I did, the strategy, and the results. Listen in to learn advantages and disadvantages of Black Friday sales, why I don't normally discount my products (but why I decided to do so now), and the specific messaging I used to inform my...