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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Sep 28, 2016

My first ever product launch was awful - just 3 sales at $9 each. At the time it was a huge downer, but looking back I can point out the exact mistakes I made. Through iteration and experimentation, I now have a product launch strategy that works very well for my audience - and although I don't believe there's...

Sep 21, 2016

Tim Ferriss pioneered the idea of a "dreamline," an outline of your business and life goals that can help make them more achievable. In this episode I look back at my dreamlines from year 1 of my business and from 10 years ago, and see which goals I achieved (and what else happened that wasn't even on...

Sep 14, 2016

  • The danger of too much business input (1:00)
  • Watch out for "task fibrillation" (4:00)
  • How to naturally find what ideas are most impactful (5:15)
  • How I categorize my ideas (6:30)
  • How a "business map" can help (7:30)
  • What you, as the business owner, should NOT be doing (9:55)
  • How to pack your year with accomplishments...

Sep 7, 2016

First of all, for anyone who doesn't know what a mastermind is - it's a small group of people (usually 3-6 people) who meet and talk with some frequency in order to to help each other improve and achieve goals.

When I originally heard about the whole concept of masterminds, I thought they were for weak people who...