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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Aug 17, 2016

Almost every online business owner, at some point, has to tame the e-mail monster. The more our businesses grow, the more e-mails we have to deal with – and processing e-mail can turn into a mentally-draining time suck if you’re not careful.

I’ve got about 80,000 newsletter subscribers, and needless to say I get a LOT of e-mail. I thought I was decent with email because I usually didn’t fall behind – at least too far behind – yet it was still taking up time and energy that I could have been spending on other areas in my business.

So I made five changes that have drastically improved my efficiency when it comes to email, which is what I’m going to tell you about today. The first few things are some basic clean-up, and then the last few are really significant – they’re really key ways to save myself time.

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