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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Feb 1, 2017

Most entrepreneurs strike out on our own because we're fiercely independent - but eventually we reach the point where we need to take on contractors and employees. How can we create great companies where people can thrive? How to transition from a ""solopreneur"" to an employer? Today's guest, Halelly Azulay, is an expert in crafting company culture and developing leadership. She's sharing some great tips about people skills and strategies in building teams. Highlights: - Symptoms of poor leadership and an unhealthy company culture (7:00) - What are some good habits that solo founders can adopt from the very first hire? (10:54) - How to walk the fine line between giving employees freedom vs. controlling or micromanaging (18:10) - Tips for solopreneurs afraid to pull the trigger on a first hire (25:55) - How Hallely helped transform a department with serious interpersonal issues (30:25)

Show notes: