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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Feb 8, 2017

When I started my business, I was too insecure to reach out and get myself in front of influencers and their audiences. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Nowadays I’m on the other end, receiving proposals and pitches from newer folks – and in today’s episode, I discuss five specific tips for approaching influencers successfully. Confession: I really struggled with recording this episode because I didn’t want it to sound incredibly stuck-up :-/ My only interest is to provide a glimpse into the influencers’ position, in order to help people improve their pitches for mutually beneficial collaborations! Highlights: - Don’t even think about doing this, because you will get ignored (2:30) - Everyone – including an influencer – LOVES receiving this type of message (4:50) - Your proposal/pitch MUST fulfill these three criteria (6:15) - Striking the right tone and length for your e-mail (9:15) - What to do if you’re rejected or ignored (14:30) - A bonus tip! (18:18) Show notes: