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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Apr 5, 2017

Confession: productivity is still a challenge for me, even 5 years into my business. I often struggle to get motivated, find it hard to concentrate, and feel unsatisfied with what I've managed to get done. Although I certainly don't have it all figured out, here are 5 productivity techniques that have had a significant impact on my work. If you're having a hard time, try one of them and see if it works for you! Highlights: - One thing that enhances my focus and stops me from being scattered (1:57) - How I get weeks ahead on content production (2:46) - Productivity jet fuel - THIS is the main reason I was able to create 12 products (and start this very podcast) (4:34) - The ""sprint-and-rest"" technique to push yourself yet avoid burnout (8:21) - What helps me feel good about the day's work (10:33) Show notes: