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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Jul 26, 2017

A lot of people tell you to raise your prices and "go premium" - but is it possible to build a profitable business while still keeping your products affordable? The answer is a definite YES, and there are many examples of companies that have done so - including my own. In today's episode, I describe five important principles to keep in mind if you're committed to selling lower-priced products. Highlights: - Examples of businesses succeeding with cheap or free products (3:05) - What you MUST be willing to do in order to build this type of business (6:22) - A common fallacy about low-priced products (9:47) - How to prevent yourself from working too hard for too little money (10:54) - Why your customers might surprise you (13:45) - How to deal with fans/followers who will never buy anything (18:22) Links and comments: