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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Jan 14, 2021

It's past time for the year in review episode... and it's also been a whole year since I published anything at all on this podcast.

The explanation is simple: 2020. Practically nothing more needs to be said, right?

I know a few listeners have written in and said you've missed the Entrepreneurs in Motion podcast, and I've missed doing it! But this was a year in which my responsibilities had to get pared back to the absolute minimum, and since this podcast is a side project for me, I had to put it on pause. 

Today I'll share a summary of the past year:

  • How COVID affected my business
  • What went well in 2020
  • What didn't go well in 2020

And as always I'll pull out some takeaways or lessons for you, the listener. Come comment and let me know how your year went!

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