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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Oct 11, 2017

Many of us have created our websites from scratch, DIY-style. This is great to get started - but oftentimes when I visit other entrepreneurs' sites, I see a lot of room for improvement. In today's episode I'll tell you the six biggest website design sins. You'll learn a lot of practical tips and tools for making your site - which is the heart of your online business - even better. Highlights: - Why a free theme might not be your best bet (2:54) - Branding problems caused by colors (5:25) - One of the most common website sins, especially in menus & sidebars (7:40) - How your site might confuse your visitors (11:18) - Does your site pass the 5-second test? (15:09) - One simple thing that's a must for website design these days (19:42) Links and comments: