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Entrepreneurs in Motion

Oct 23, 2019

Although I don't offer coaching or consulting at the moment, I'd like to help more entrepreneurs by talking through business challenges together!

If you want to get my perspective and advice about anything in your business, we'll record the conversation and publish it as a case study on this podcast.

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Oct 16, 2019

What would you do if your business disappeared overnight? This is exactly what happened to today's guest, and he had to rebuild everything from the ground up. I'm talking with Ray Blakney, who not only managed to recover from that disaster and grow his main business to a solid seven figures, but he's also started...

Oct 9, 2019

How are my digital habits looking 3 months after I reduced my screen time to a minimum? Today I'll talk about whether or not the changes I made to my use of digital devices have endured. Links and comments:

Oct 2, 2019

Since I started my YouTube channel 7 years ago, it has grown to 366,000 subscribers and nearly half a million views per month. But I've never had ads on my channel... until now. Listen in as I explain the rationale and factors that went into making this decision. I hope these "behind the scenes" episodes help...